Shiver (shiver_raccoon) wrote in smbfurs,

Just wandering (slowly) through...

Hi, y'all! I'm a 37-year-old fur who's having a mid-life crisis... I've sold my house, quit my job, bought a small RV trailer, and I'm traveling Canada from coast to coast. Last year, I drove around Gaspe (Quebec) and Cape Breton Island (Nova Scotia). This year, I left the Toronto area a month ago, and slowly worked my way across northern Ontario, heading out to the FurBQ in B.C. at the end of August.

Right now, I'm in Whiteshell Prov. Park, enjoying your province's fine parks, friendly staff, lower camping fees (Algonquin in Ontario is $35 a night... this place is $15.75!) and slightly lower gas prices. Although I rarely plan for more than a day or two in advance, I thought maybe I'd drive up highway 6 to highway 39 (Grass River Prov. Park), then head back down to see Duck Mountain and Riding Mountain, before entering Saskatchewan, 3-4 weeks from now. If you've got suggestions of what to see or do, I'd love them!

Anyone want to get together to chat at a Tim Horton's or something? I might be in the Winnipeg area towards the end of this week.
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