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A Short Introduction

Greetings, fellow Manitoban furs!
I'm Silvershade, or Miranda, and I'm a sixteen year old furry residing in Brandon, Manitoba. I became a furry when I was fourteen, in March 2007.
I only know one other member of the fandom, and he also lives here in Brandon.
As far as being involved in furry culture, I draw a bit. I'm not too horrible at it, but I could be a lot better. I'd like to go to a convention someday and fursuit, buuut, I have no job, and therefore no funds to do so. D:
Oh, and my fursona! I almost forgot. She is (bare with me here) an anthropomorphic Maltese Sumatran tiger-cheetah hybrid, pictured in my icon.
But yeah, that's a bit about me. I look forward to chatting with other furs in my area. :3

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